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10 on 10 - August

During our summer vacation in the Canary Islands, my husband and I managed to "elope" to Rome for four days. Although I had been to Rome when I was a little girl, I remembered nothing except losing my Barbie doll at the airport, so for me it was all new. I saw so many breathtaking places it was extremely hard to breathe it all in, let alone try to capture all the beauty I saw with my camera. However, this is my small attempt at trying to remember what caught my eye in Rome. Here are ten of my favorite film images I took one day:

This year, I am joining some of my very talented photographer friends in a project called 10 on 10. We will all take 10 photos on one day and try to tell a story through them by posting them on the 10th of each month. We will be linking to each others' sites to create a blogroll. This project will force me to find beauty where or when I can't see it, and will release my time constraints when photographing the beauty that I do see. Here is a link to my friend Alison's 10 on 10. Go visit and follow the blog roll!

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    10 on 10 - September

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