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10 on 10 - December

Well, it seems like I finished my year of film 10 on 10! I can't believe it - it's gone by so fast... I also can't believe I managed to pull off a whole year of film photography every month. I'm proud of myself and I feel like I am learning more photography than ever now.
As a farewell to this project and as a celebration to beginning a new one (52 Rolls: head on over to here if you'd like to follow it), I'm posting ten images of our trip to New York City for the NYC marathon.
Thanks for all the love and support this year!

This year, I am joining some of my very talented photographer friends in a project called 10 on 10. We will all take 10 photos on one day and try to tell a story through them by posting them on the 10th of each month. We will be linking to each others' sites to create a blogroll. This project will force me to find beauty where or when I can't see it, and will release my time constraints when photographing the beauty that I do see. Here is a link to my friend Staci's 10 on 10. Click and follow the blog roll!

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    A few weeks ago my oldest son had an early soccer game in Aptos, California. I drove him to the game and, like I did a few months ago in the same situation, I dropped him off for his warm ups and headed for the beach for some shooting. The weather was…