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10 on 10 - March

Between Grant Avenue and Stockton Street in San Francisco we find Chinatown, the second largest Asian community in North America. It is a fantastic place to walk as a tourist, but also an opportunity to dine, shop, and hustle about with the locals. You don’t really need an itinerary to visit this part of San Francisco; wandering around through alleys and hilly streets is enough to keep you entertained for more than a few hours.
I recently spent the day there, exactly one day after the Lunar New Year. Here are some of my photos of the day.

This year, I am joining some of my very talented photographer friends in a project called 10 on 10. We will all take 10 photos on one day and try to tell a story through them by posting them on the 10th of each month. We will be linking to each others' sites to create a blogroll. This project will force me to find beauty where or when I can't see it, and will release my time constraints when photographing the beauty that I do see.
Here is a link to my friend Stephanie's 10 on 10. Go visit and follow the blog roll!

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