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10 on 10 - May

We have a pool in our new house! My dream was to have a house with a pool and we are so lucky to have found this one - it is just perfect. My children have been dying to use it since we bought the house in November, but it has been too cold to even put your toes in. Finally, this past month, the temperature went up past 90ºF so, of course, the kids have been in and out practically every day. Even I have jumped in a few times already! I foresee many years and photos of pool fun ahead. Here are ten of my faves of the three rolls I shot on our last pool afternoon.

This year, I am joining some of my very talented photographer friends in a project called 10 on 10. We will all take 10 photos on one day and try to tell a story through them by posting them on the 10th of each month. We will be linking to each others' sites to create a blogroll. This project will force me to find beauty where or when I can't see it, and will release my time constraints when photographing the beauty that I do see. Here is a link to my friend Audrey's 10 on 10. Go visit and follow the blog roll!

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    I have always wanted a pretty garden to tend to and watch grow with pride. In our new house, our garden is absolutely beautiful and I am so looking forward to years of gardening ahead! Now that spring has come around in California, I have taken a couple…